The story of a beginning

At a time when the Porto destination meets a considerable international projection in the tourism sector, two friends with experience in catering and hospitality visit, incidentally, a neo-Arabic building located right on the downtown center.

From a casual visit is born an immediate passion for the building plots, the architectural details and the potential that can be seen in hundreds of square meters to explore. After the recovery of the neo-Arabic building heritage, the Flow keeps the arcades, balusters, pillars, exterior tiles and becomes a place of exception, capable of hosting a sophisticated yet classic décor and, above all, timeless.

Two friends wanting to create a unique project in downtown “Invicta” are both responsible for creating a new space that is, above all, an experience: the Flow keeps pace with the city, and sets the right spices to flavour and, the rest ... is simply enjoyment.


Inside Out


We are in the heart of Porto and just a click away.

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